Live Breakthrough Training

Intensive and Interactive

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Liberation Training
(for In Person or Online)

April 24, 2014 @ 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm MT

Training Developed by

Cristine Price, Ph.D., CMHC

Cristine has supported frequency shifts in over 1000 clients as an Integrative Mental Health Counselor 

through her original techniques.  She is the author of

Raise Your Frequency: A Map of Progression along with numerous other books and manuals.  Her personal transformation along with a Doctorate from Quantum University and Master’s Degree in Psychology, make her expertise truly unique.

Through her decades of experience, Cristine has condensed what really works in this ONE training.

Raise your frequency in 5 life areas

Are you ready for the breakthrough that will support
every area of your life to shift in a positive direction?

This is the only place you'll find:

Love Solve Method

Using the Love Solve™ Method you will experience a breakthrough for solving the love in your life. Release your emotional blocks so you can show up with love and harmony in your relationships.

Meditation Training

Learn Quantum Wholeness Meditation™ in under five hours. This is the meditation for the Christian heart and Eastern mind. Experience more clarity, stress-relief, and fulfillment in the present moment. Regain your inner peace and develop your intuition.

Emotional Transformation

Learn Zero Point Meridian technique, which is an advanced version of The Complete EFT Method™ or Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping. Cristine has shown this technique to be even more effective than EMDR.

What Is My Frequency?

Take before and after surveys and see your results in the Frequency Assessment to get your personal frequency in five life areas: Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Social and Psychological. What areas deserve a quantum shift?

Client Results from Past Programs

Jennifer J

"Before taking Love Solve Liberation Training, I was going through a divorce and experiencing very low self-esteem. After the training, I found a higher level of self-compassion, including the ability to accept myself

and live life more fully, with gratitude."


"Before Love Solve Liberation Training I was experiencing overwhelming anxiety, financial stress, and physical setbacks. After, these areas improved dramatically. I even quit smoking! I gained the tools I needed to keep raising my frequency and emotional intelligence in multiple life areas."


Are you looking for an efficient set of tools to transform negative emotions?

  • Online, interactive and experiential

  • 3 1/2 hour live emotional breakthrough experience

  • Under 14 participants for maximum impact - Led personally by Cristine Price, Ph.D.

Are you interested in becoming a Love Solve Facilitator?

  • This is the place to start.

  • Have you considered training in The Complete EFT Method/Zero Point Meridian Technique?

  • Liberation Training is both a pre-requisite and an important broad-scope experience

Do you like having solutions at your fingertips to use in the moment?

  • Emotional Wellness Workbook

  • Emotional Transformation Tools

  • Emotional Wellness Tool Box

  • Zero Point Meridian (ZPM) template for personal use

  • Learn and use Quantum Wholeness Meditation on your own

Deluxe Healing Kit of Techniques and Guides

  • Love Solve Method & Emotional Wellness Workbook and Manual

  • Raise Your Frequency: A Map of Progression by Cristine Price, Ph.D.

BONUSES - Assessment and Follow-up

  • Frequency Assessments Score before and after Liberation

  • Several weeks of live follow-up where you practice Quantum Wholeness Meditation


Raising your frequency lifts others. It shifts the planet.

Liberation Training

Saturday, Jan. 13th, 2024

10:00 am to 3:00 pm MT

Regularly: $399

PLUS 5 hours of EES at $250
(total value $649)

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Cristine's Story . . .

"I began my awakening journey 33 years ago. My frequency shifts span overcoming drug addiction to mastering meditation. My career has transcended from substance abuse counselor to developing certification programs for ZPM practitioners. In my journey, I've faced divorce, mental illness, recovery from childhood trauma, and healing an auto-immune condition. My curriculum was enough to get me where I am today. What is your life curriculum? Remember it is meant to be a loving experience. Having a good teacher can make all the difference." - Cristine Price, Ph.D., CMHC



Kathy Truman - Author, Spiritual Counselor, and Energy Release Facilitator

In A Ladder of Love, Cristine combines raw vulnerability about her own journey with profound wisdom and insight. Her manual and Liberation Program will bring you to deeper levels of self-understanding with practical tools and techniques for self-discovery and transformation.

Be prepared for quantum leaps of healing!


Cherie Burton - Author, Speaker, former Mrs. Utah & “Women Seeking Wholeness” podcast

One thing I like about Cristine is her vast knowledge and ability to convey complex information so that the lay person can understand it. I sought her out as a kindred soul on the journey to finding real solutions to mental health. I highly recommend her!