Program #1 - Elevate your life by Raising Your Frequency

Learn the different levels of consciousness and what could be the catalyst for your next level.

Frequency Training will show you:

  • how to create your quantum shift from where you are to where you want to be

  • how the challenges in your life are really opportunities to up-level

  • which lowest common denominators are holding you back

Discover key principles in five calibration levels

100 Level: Correlates with physical health, power, masculine/feminine balance and money energy

200 Level: Corresponds with the "critical change" needed to break free from habituation and repeating life patterns

300 Level: May be the comfort zone that provides security, but may not be enough, especially for creative types

400 Level: This is where the first awakening really takes place. Receive the tools and techniques to support personal shifts.

PLUS - get a sneak peak at the second and third awakenings

PLUS - learn how YOU are the map to your own transformational process

Learn how to raise your frequency in five life areas.

Personalized Assessment

Receive your personalized results on the Frequency Assessment, providing you with a quantified score

of strengths and needs in multiple areas.

Exclusive e-copy of Cristine's book:

A Ladder of Love for the First Awakening

Cristine's trainings are the only place you can get the full-color manual, outlining the map to

raising your frequency in multiple life areas.


Get a PHYSICAL COPY mailed to you

if you register in April

Total Value: $149
Discount $77

Special Bonus Expires April 30 at Midnight!

Cristine has supported frequency shifts in over 1000 clients as an Integrative Mental Health Counselor

Training Developed by Cristine Price, Ph.D., CMHC

Author of A Ladder of Love for the First Awakening along with numerous other books and manuals, Cristine's personal transformation along with a Doctorate from Quantum University and Master's Degree in Psychology make her expertise truly unique.

She is the developer of:

  • The Love Solve Method

  • Quantum Wholeness Meditation Training

  • The Complete EFT Method

Cristine has brought together the research of Dr. David Hawkins, Barbara Ann Brennon, and other pioneering intuitives to present the Frequency Training.

Upgrade Option:

  • All Presenter Recordings plus bonuses

  • "Raise Your Frequency" Digital Course

  • Membership in High Frequency Wealth Circle

  • Live monthly group mentorship in AMillionAtOne

ALL for $27

Renews monthly - cancel anytime

PLUS Five-Day Masterclass

BONUSES Include:

  • Personalized Frequency Assessment with your scores in 5 life areas

  • Cristine's full-color e-book or physical copy if you register early

  • Lifetime access to the Frequency Level Training digital library

  • PLUS Lifetime access to if you register in March

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